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Help Me!

For several weeks now I’ve been thinking about how we deal with diabetes, diet and our health. People come up to me to discuss their situations. It’s interesting to listen how people handle their health and diet and they have great ideas about what to do.

Many of you have been successful with approaches that seem like we all could be using.

You are inspiring me to starting a support group for people with sugar issues. While that group certainly includes Diabetics, people that are focusing on Low Glycemic foods would likely benefit as well.

One of our customers came to the Newhall Farmers Market to talk about his issues recently. He is prediabetic and a self proclaimed carboholic. He came looking for some ideas about how to move past this problem.

A woman came up and was telling us about her struggle with weight and sugar and travel. She had some great ideas for keeping track of the foods that she is eating and is managing her weight loss in a way that will make her food choices more of a lifestyle.

Maybe you have information that could help someone else. Maybe you need a shoulder to lean on for support.

If you are interested in participating in a group please send an email to me. My email address is jeff [at] granolagourmet [dot] com

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