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Let US eat cake!

Managing your diabetes requires a balance between your desires, your needs and your doctors recommendations.  I say recommendations because not everyone I’ve talked with says they follow the doctors recommendations to the letter.  In fact when it comes to diet, no matter what your doctor says it is up to you to act.

Diet is the one thing you will make sacrifices with when really focusing on the control of your diabetes.  For me over 15 years, I’ve made major changes…yet I still crave snacks and the occasional Twinkie :)  So how do I get past these cravings?  It is not easy.  Most of the time I can.  I’ll grab a granola bar because they satisfy me without spiking my sugar.  Other times I give in.  Recently I attended a wedding and was going for the sugar free baked goods, they looked fabulous.  The taste left much to be desired, so I took a piece of cake.  Managing to eat only one piece and stopping there was the win for me.

Now I’m back on track and not feeling deprived.  I’ve managed to pass through the danger of binging on sweets while fitting with the crowd and enjoying the party.

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