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Diet Soda or Donuts…how about both?

When I want to binge I often go to the worst place possible and then think that having a diet soda helps fix the problem.  It’s not often but it does happen and for those of you who are attempting to keep yourself under control, let me simply say I am too.  It’s rare that I really get the urge to binge, but I did recently and here’s how I handled it.

I decided that what I really wanted was a french cruller.  You know the kind with the pretty pattern on top, it holds more of the sugary icing.  I figured just one would do it for me until I saw the glazed buttermilk donuts.  So I took one of each.  I needed something to wash it down with so I took a diet orange soda and boy was I set.

When I looked at the label and saw that there was High Fructose Corn Syrup in it.  I was turned off.  Here I am trying to help others and myself maintain and improve our health and it wasn’t the donuts that soured me…it was diet soda. 

I decided it was time to reassess this snack and I grabbed a bottle of water and took a walk without the sugar.  I guess that sometimes self control can hit before I sabotage myself.

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