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Creating a Healthy Diet to Fit Your Lifestyle

When your lifestyle is busy and chaotic, it is hard to think of eating healthy; you’re on the go, busy with work, home and everything that life can throw at you. You know you need to eat healthy, but finding the time to sit and plan a menu, do the preparation and then sit and eat just doesn’t seem feasible. You grab something fast, usually something really unhealthy, however, your hunger is satisfied for the moment and you continue with your day.

There are so many risks to eating unhealthy foods; weight gain, serious illness and disease. Over a period of time, the risk of developing any of these diseases or illnesses increases.

There are several things that you can do to eat a healthy diet one is to prepare healthy foods ahead of time.

Breakfast is very important; when you don’t have time to cook but you have to eat something grabbing a great tasting energy bar from Granola Gourmet will satisfy your hunger and give you the energy you need to make it to lunchtime.

Decide on what foods you want on your menu. Take a few hours on the weekend to prepare your meals for the week. Soup is an excellent choice because you are choosing the ingredients to add. In the mornings, all you do is heat it up and put it in a thermos; you can slip it into your bag or briefcase and you have a meal ready when you are, even if your in the car.

Snacks are really easy to carry also; carrot and celery sticks are low calorie, low carb snacks that you can put in a baggie in your pocket for a quick snack either in the office or when you work on the road. Deciding on what to snack on is important; Granola Gourmet’s low Glycemic energy bars, nuts, seeds, dried fruits or air-popped popcorn are easily transported and are an excellent source of vitamins that your body needs to stay healthy.

Packing your own lunch is recommended because you’re deciding what ingredients you want to include; if you choose sandwiches, use whole grain bread and add lots of veggies; you will get the energy you need with very little calories and carbs.

If you want a sit down lunch, research restaurants in your area to find the ones that have healthy menu options. When you’re seated, ask the waitperson how each dish is made and what ingredients are used. If the restaurant allows it, request substitution for the ingredients that are not part of your plan.


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