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A Portion of Your Purchase Fights Diabetes

For Athletes

"The Los Angeles Fitness Expo" staff is always looking for healthy snacks to munch on during the afternoon and their new favorite is Granola Gourmet energy bars. Nutritional value alone makes this the best energy bar on the market today, but it's the taste that will get you hooked. We love em…"

— Erin Ferries,
Executive Director
The Los Angeles Fitness Expo


"As a type 1 diabetic and an Endocrinologist, I have found Granola Gourmet bars to have a lower glycemic impact than other popular bars I've eaten. The texture and flavor are unmatched and they truly live up to their name. I'd recommend this product as great snack for adults and children of all ages that want a delicious and healthy food."

— Dr. Michael Harris
Los Angeles, CA

& You

"Granola Gourmet Bars are a perfect sustainable energy source for my high intensity fitness regimen! As a Type 1 Diabetic, I feel like I’m cheating when I eat my yummy Very Berry Bars. Thank you Granola Gourmet for making Gourmet Diabetic Granola Bars!"

— Jenna Phillips, Nutrition/Fitness Expert (Lifestyle Enhancer)
CEO & Founder -
Mission Possible™

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