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A Portion of Your Purchase Fights Diabetes!

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Thursday, May 10th, 2012

Eating healthy is good for everyone; when you have Diabetes, it is crucial. Diabetics are twice as likely to develop live threatening diseases then non – diabetics. When you are diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes, it’s life changing.

For die-hard food junkies, the only thing you think about is all the food that you’ll have to give up. While it’s a given that you will have to make changes, it can be a positive experience; you’ll discover a whole new world of food options.

Snacking is something everyone does, whether it is during work hours or relaxing in front of the Television. By simply substitution unhealthy junk food for Granola Gourmet energy bars will satisfy your snack craving.

Many think that Granola bars & Energy Bars are all healthy.  That is not true.  Many have a high fat, sugar and sodium content.  It is really important to know how to read the labels to make sure you have a healthy bar so you aren’t eating an adult candy bar.

A low GI diet can really make a difference for people with diabetes and those at risk of developing it. The ingredients in a Granola Gourmet energy bars meet the criteria of a low GI diet. Our ingredients include:  Organic whole grain oats, almonds, organic flaxseeds and organic sunflower seeds.

It is always important to maintain good communication and regular visits to your doctor for proper advice and diagnosis.  If you have pre- diabetes, or diabetes, it is good to have a diet plan created to fit your specific needs by consulting with your endocrinologist and with a dietitian who is a certified diabetes educator.