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Archive for August, 2008

Nutritionists are worthless!

Wednesday, August 20th, 2008

I’ve avoided talking to a nutritionist for years.  I guess it’s just that I’ve not been helped at all by them.  Maybe it’s just that they look at the food pyramid and are stuck in the 1950′s or that they try to convert the valuable information that exists today into some simple formula but key information I need is missing.

Last week I addressed a Diabetes support group.  There was also a nutritionist that addressed the group who embarrassed herself by focusing on carb counting.  Yes it’s true carb counting is possible today because of better labeling on food, however it is not the holy grail.  It is important to keep your carb quantity under control, however it’s much more important to focus on the Glycemic Index of the foods you eat.

If in counting carbs you eat food that converts to sugar quickly than you are stressing your body.  When you have too much sugar in your blood your body needs to produce too much insulin.  Insulin makes you hungry.  Too much insulin in your blood and you gain weight.  Not enough insulin and your blood sugar spikes.

How do you manage? Knowing this problem is one step to focusing on food that digests and converts to sugar slowly.  Learn about the Glycemic Index and look for food choices that are low or super low on the index!

Insulin the Miracle Cure

Thursday, August 14th, 2008

No matter if you are a type 1 or type 2 Diabetic, or if you have Gestational Diabetes, Insulin is the miracle cure.  Sure there are many different types of pills that you can take to manage your Diabetes, but none matter if there is no Insulin present.

When I was originally diagnosed with sugar readings over 4 times normal, I knew nothing about Insulin and all the different treatment options available.  My Dr. put me on Insulin and right away my blood glucose readings were under control within a week.  It was amazing and today I am grateful that in 1921 scientists at the University of Toronto discovered insulin.

In 1923 when insulin production began the lives of millions of people were changed.  We finally had a treatment which enabled us to live longer and improved the quality of our lives.  The life expectancy of a person with diabetes increased from 1 year to years.  I think that many of us take for granted the scientific research and investments made that have impacted the lives of people with diabetes.

Frankly, I’m glad we can take it for granted but we need to remember that since 20% of our population is either diabetic or at risk this is a problem we must face head on!

Back to Basics

Wednesday, August 6th, 2008

Every so often we all need to get back to basics.  Simple blocking and tackling is really what I’m referring to.  If you are Diabetic (20% of us are Prediabetic or Diabetic, 7% of us are Diabetic) than that means thinking about how to reduce sugar intake.

Is it really that simple…NO, it’s not.  Sugar is only one part of the equation.  Anything you eat impacts your blood sugar.  Even things you would not expect like celery sticks!  So, how do you keep it simple when this is a complex problem to manage?

You do what most diets tell you to do.  You eat lean meats (chicken and fish), you eat plenty of veggies and as many of them raw as possible.  Now I know you are thinking raw, why raw?  Simple (again with simple) yes it is simple, you derive more benefit from the vegetables when they still have all the enzymes and over 118 degrees you lose much of those benefits.  Another simple reason is that your body must work harder to digest raw vegetables than cooked soft veggies.  This means that they convert to sugar in your blood slower.

Let’s face it, it does not matter what you want (once in a while) if you do what you need to do to stay healthy EVERY DAY.  Sure it’s challenging, but you can do it.  Eat smart and enjoy your longer healthier life.

Help Me!

Sunday, August 3rd, 2008

For several weeks now I’ve been thinking about how we deal with diabetes, diet and our health. People come up to me to discuss their situations. It’s interesting to listen how people handle their health and diet and they have great ideas about what to do.

Many of you have been successful with approaches that seem like we all could be using.

You are inspiring me to starting a support group for people with sugar issues. While that group certainly includes Diabetics, people that are focusing on Low Glycemic foods would likely benefit as well.

One of our customers came to the Newhall Farmers Market to talk about his issues recently. He is prediabetic and a self proclaimed carboholic. He came looking for some ideas about how to move past this problem.

A woman came up and was telling us about her struggle with weight and sugar and travel. She had some great ideas for keeping track of the foods that she is eating and is managing her weight loss in a way that will make her food choices more of a lifestyle.

Maybe you have information that could help someone else. Maybe you need a shoulder to lean on for support.

If you are interested in participating in a group please send an email to me. My email address is [email protected]