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Nutritionists are worthless!

I’ve avoided talking to a nutritionist for years.  I guess it’s just that I’ve not been helped at all by them.  Maybe it’s just that they look at the food pyramid and are stuck in the 1950’s or that they try to convert the valuable information that exists today into some simple formula but key information I need is missing.

Last week I addressed a Diabetes support group.  There was also a nutritionist that addressed the group who embarrassed herself by focusing on carb counting.  Yes it’s true carb counting is possible today because of better labeling on food, however it is not the holy grail.  It is important to keep your carb quantity under control, however it’s much more important to focus on the Glycemic Index of the foods you eat.

If in counting carbs you eat food that converts to sugar quickly than you are stressing your body.  When you have too much sugar in your blood your body needs to produce too much insulin.  Insulin makes you hungry.  Too much insulin in your blood and you gain weight.  Not enough insulin and your blood sugar spikes.

How do you manage? Knowing this problem is one step to focusing on food that digests and converts to sugar slowly.  Learn about the Glycemic Index and look for food choices that are low or super low on the index!

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