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Archive for December, 2008

Always bring something healthy to the party!

Saturday, December 20th, 2008

Hi everyone, we’re in the home stretch…  We are partying and having fun with friends and Christmas, Hanukkah and New Years are right here.  If you have successfully navigated the party platters, the egg nog and sweets, you’ve only had blood sugar issues half the time. 

Now it’s time to put your will power into high gear.  Before you attend the party make sure to ask if you can bring something healthy to share.  Make sure to put the word healthy in.  Thats the key.  Most of your friends and family will be happy to say yes.  Others, not understanding your needs will say yes and hope you bring some food that will be in the spirit of the holidays.

Your contribution needs to be your “Plan A”.  It needs to be something that you can enjoy and will carry you over for the party.  Self control is harder this time of the year especially when everyone is saying have some, eat well now and indulge.  Believe me I know this is what you want to hear, but slow down.  Take it easy and focus on the yummy healthy food you brought.  A fruit salad, a box of Granola Bars, pick something others will also enjoy and your holiday party will be fun and memorable.

Happy Holidays!


Monday, December 15th, 2008

Holiday parties are in full swing and I’ll bet you have or will be joining in the festivities.  I know I will and with all the sugary snacks, alcohol and starchy food that will be served I’m going to be challenged.  It actually stared for me at Thanksgiving when my wife brought out her famous stuffing, home made cranberries and green bean casserole.

The challenge for me was taking small amounts of the bad stuff and eating more of the good stuff.

Cake, pie, cookies…HELP!!!  OK, I took a small piece of pie and ate a spiced orange cranberry granola bar.  The cake converted to sugar quickly, however since I ate the granola bar right after the cake they were digested together which slowed the conversion of the cake to sugar in my blood. 

The key to slowing the blood sugar conversion of high glycemic foods is to eat low glycemic foods with them.  That said it doesn’t mean you can load up on high glycemic foods with a drop of low glycemic foods.  Moderate the high glycemic food with higher volume of low glycemic food.  This is no cure for high blood sugar, you may still spike however you’ll likely have a lower spike this way.

Bottom line, too much of anything will cause blood sugar problems so eat less and enjoy it!

Holiday Happiness

Thursday, December 4th, 2008

I love Turkey Day!  This year we had family and enjoyed the best meal.  Turkey and all the fixings which included plenty of my favorite low carb options.  I think we’ve hit the mark in our family and now makes foods that meet my needs as a diabetic but it’s no longer “my special food”. 

I’ve always hated having special food, I guess I’m just tired of being treated like an outcast when it comes to food.  It’s taken a lot of effort and time but now “my special food” is “our regular food”.  I’m also more experienced at saying no to foods that are going to spike my sugar.  Even so I now am satisfied with a bite or nibble to satisfy my desire. 

Getting through the holidays is always challenging but if you take a few simple steps you will be better off:

1. Whenever possible bring something healthy that you can eat (I bring Granola Bars)

2. Eat a balanced meal that is lower in carbs and includes foods that are low on the Glycemic Index

3. Eat dessert while you are still full.  This will keep you from overdoing dessert and will reduce the impact on your blood sugar.

Most of all, enjoy yourself (in moderation).