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Archive for January, 2009

Sugar Lows

Saturday, January 31st, 2009

I ran into a friend from our temple this week.  He is a great guy and looks very healthy.  We got to talking and I found out he was recently hospitalized.  I was shocked.  He told me a tale that every person needs to be aware of.  He had a low blood sugar episode.

Known as Hypoglycemia, low blood sugar is very dangerous.  What makes it so dangerous is that you can pass out or worse fall into a coma.  Imagine your problem if this happens while you are driving.  My friend was at home and passed out in the house with family around.  He described feeling light headed and thought he was next to get the flu.

I too have had low blood sugar episodes, but was warned by excessive sweating and shaking.  At this point it’s time to drink some milk or juice.  Eating takes too long to fix the problem, but the sugar in juice converts to blood sugar in under 15 minutes.

Hypoglycemia happens when your body works properly and creates insulin to cover the sugar that food creates.  Insulin aids in the process of converting blood sugar to fat.  If you experience Hypoglycemia, it’s because your body doesn’t stop producing insulin in time.  This causes your blood sugar to crash.  Typically, this happens when you eat foods that convert to sugar quickly.  For me this is anything with flower and not the whole grain.  However rice, potatoes and carrots are big offenders too.

Eat foods that convert slowly and you’ll have more energy over longer periods without sugar or insulin spikes.

Your Stressing me OUT!

Monday, January 19th, 2009

Now that the holidays are over and you are settling into the new year it’s time to reassess your blood sugar and make sure it’s back on track.  Over the holidays I went a little off the waggon and saw my sugar hit some highs but I’m eating right again and my sugar should be under control.

If you are on a similar path you aren’t alone.  The real issue I’m dealing with it that as a type – A personality I work with high intensity and focus.  I create my own stress.  So with all the R&R from the holidays, I’m now back to dealing with sugar issues.  Stress impacts blood sugar control.  I’m eating right, but my Dr. tells me that stress is one reason that blood sugar readings become less controllable.

Time to reassess my 2009 and reconsider how I manage my year.  I think I’ll make the following changes to my routine:

  1. Get more sleep – getting by on 5-6 hours per night is not enough
  2. Exercise daily – Yoga helps me relax, I’m going to make 30 minutes every morning  I’m also going to walk 3-4 times per week.
  3. Eat right – track my carb intake
  4. Match my insulin need to my carb intake

The good news about this list is that I’m already doing these things, I’m just not as rigorous about them as I need to be.  Let’s all get off to a great start this year.

How Should I Eat?

Tuesday, January 13th, 2009
  I was recently asked how diabetics should eat.  There are millions of diabetics and tons
  of different needs we have. Here are some tips I think work and that I've followed.
  Sometimes this works better for me than other times.
  - Space meals 4-5 hours
  - Do not skip meals
  - Serve small portions
  The total Carbohydrate count INCLUDES the Sugar count.
  Carbohydrate - 40% of your daily calorie consumption
  Protein - 40% of your total calorie consumption
  Fat - 30% of your total calorie consumption
  The greatest issue I have is quantity. I enjoy eating and want to eat a lot. To combat
  this urge I am always looking for filling snacks that won't through my diet out of wack.
  That's how we came up with Granola Gourmet. These are not the only snacks I eat today, just
  my favorite. Snacking is problematic for me though.  I enjoy fruits especially apples, however
  I rarely see an apple not grown for a giant today.  In keeping with the notion that you should
  have small meals multiple times per day look for apples that are 2" in diameter not 5".  Be
  conscious of your need for moderate portions and start eating smaller meals several times per
  day.  Don't save it up till the end of the day and eat all at once. That's not good for your
  metabolism.  Since Diabetes is a Metabolic disease, these tips are important.  Learn how your
  body responds and eat accordingly.


Monday, January 5th, 2009

2009 comes in with anticipation and desire.  Outside of all the personal and financial stresses that we have there are many other people in our city and country that have needs and stresses that outweigh ours.  Keep in mind that at the top of your resolution list you become a better person when you resolve to do something to help someone that needs a leg up.

I am resolved to help someone that has a greater need than I have.

I am resolved to keep my blood sugar under control

I am resolved to eat healthier.  I know as I do, I will lose weight

I am resolved to exercise.  I know as I do, I will become stronger, feel better, more confident and happier.

Your resolutions may look like mine.  The question you really need to consider this January is…will you be resolved to keep your resolutions for the rest of your life?

Happy New Year.  May you and your family enjoy the health and prosperity that you deserve.