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Your Stressing me OUT!

Now that the holidays are over and you are settling into the new year it’s time to reassess your blood sugar and make sure it’s back on track.  Over the holidays I went a little off the waggon and saw my sugar hit some highs but I’m eating right again and my sugar should be under control.

If you are on a similar path you aren’t alone.  The real issue I’m dealing with it that as a type – A personality I work with high intensity and focus.  I create my own stress.  So with all the R&R from the holidays, I’m now back to dealing with sugar issues.  Stress impacts blood sugar control.  I’m eating right, but my Dr. tells me that stress is one reason that blood sugar readings become less controllable.

Time to reassess my 2009 and reconsider how I manage my year.  I think I’ll make the following changes to my routine:

  1. Get more sleep – getting by on 5-6 hours per night is not enough
  2. Exercise daily – Yoga helps me relax, I’m going to make 30 minutes every morning  I’m also going to walk 3-4 times per week.
  3. Eat right – track my carb intake
  4. Match my insulin need to my carb intake

The good news about this list is that I’m already doing these things, I’m just not as rigorous about them as I need to be.  Let’s all get off to a great start this year.

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