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Hot Summer Snack

Granola Gourmet Provides Healthy Treat for Road Trips, Camp, Snacks and Breakfast

You don’t have to hunt for treats that won’t bust your bikini diets anymore.  As you, your family and friends enjoy the summer, you may be seeking great tasting healthy snacks to treat yourself with.  Granola Gourmet energy bars offer you a snack  that you can grab while on the go and not have to be concerned with goodies that spoil.

  • * Instead of sugary cereals, grab a Granola Gourmet Energy Bar made with 100% natural ingredients, including 391mg Omega 3’s and 13 grams of whole grains per bar
  • * If you have food allergies and need to stay away from wheat or dairy looking for very low sodium content (these do contain almonds)
  • * You are out at a pool or on a picnic and need something to satisfy your sweet tooth, but want to avoid the high fat, sugar and sodium content of some popular protein bars
  • * For those of you who are looking for foods prepared with low Glycemic Index ingredients, there is actually an option that tastes good
  • * If you are an athlete and want to refuel, you’ll be looking to satisfy your hunger and feel satiated longer
  • * When going on a road trip or at the beach and tired of limp prepared foods or processed foods, you’ll want to taste real oats, chocolate, or fruit.

Granola Gourmet Energy Bars are now available in select Vons, Pavilions and Safeway stores throughout California; you will find Granola Gourmet Energy Bars on racks near other fresh and healthy products.  They are also available at select natural and specialty grocery stores, as well as online. Please check the website for a location near you or for online stores.

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