Amazing things happen when you least expect them to.

In December of 2006 while watching an episode of Good Eats on Food TV Network. Alton Brown was making snack bars that were low on the Glycemic Index. As a Diabetic I care about sugar and reducing my intake as much as possible.

As a family we experimented with the bars and decided we liked the Granola Bars best. Over the next six months we reformulated the recipe, removed the sugar and Granola Bars became our families awesome snack. Our kids were taking 3 to 6 bars a day to school because their friends liked them so much.

In March of this year my Endocrinologist (also a diabetic) Dr. Michael Harris, Director of Diabetes, Cedars Sinai Medical Group compared its Glycemic Impact and how it matched up to other popular bars he normally ate. He found the Glycemic Impact was lower with the bars we reformulated. The bars are:

High in Fiber
High in Omega 3's                                                                                                                                                                                        Low in Fat and Sodium
Are all Natural & include: Organic/Raw Blue Agave, Honey, Almonds, Flax & Sunflower Seeds & Oats

Every three months when I see Dr. Harris he has been saying I should get this product into the market. But it wasn't till our good friend Jeff  G. brought some into his work that Anita and I saw this as a real opportunity.

Jeff G. works on the TV show Pushing Daisies. He brought the bars to the studio & they went in a snap. The food service manager asked to have me come in to meet him. When I did he said "we really like your granola bars, I'd like to order 6 boxes"! I delivered the following Monday and on Wednesday when I spoke to him he said "we are all out, I'll take 8 more boxes"!

Next the TV show Notes from the Underbelly ordered too. We've also met numerous shows filming at the studio and all have expressed interest in stocking Granola Gourmet Granola Bars when filming resumes after the writers strike.  Looks like we will be delivering the Granola Bars of the Stars :)

Our son's high school ordered some for a meeting and our website is receiving orders every day.

Please join in the fun and try our product.  We are so confident you'll enjoy them as much as we do we will stand by your purchase with a 100% money back guarantee.

Anita & Jeff Cohen

Granola Visionaries :)