Best Android Emulators For Windows 2019

An emulator is a software or hardware device program that regenerates a unique computer environment with the help of already existing hardware and software. Emulators offer great authenticity of the computer environment without the need to acquire a particular system. If you wish to run your favorite Android apps or games on your computer, or you want to test your app before its release then here check some of the best windows emulators that offer the best functionality and features.

Best Android Emulators For Windows 2019

1. Amidous

This Android emulator for Windows enables you to emulate the operating system. It offers a complete Android environment with keyboard, audio support, and mouse. Also check, Best Root Apps For Android.

While developers use it for basic testing, it is an excellent option for home working, office use, and to perform similar tasks. It runs games and apps well.

2. Cider Apk

Cider apk is one of the best iOS emulators available for both Android & Windows. You need to download the cider apk file and install it on any emulator. In no time, you’ll get to play iOS apps & games for free. You can get the iOS emulator on Android from here.

3. Droid4X

This is another excellent Android simulator that functions as a guest operating system on Mac or Windows. It is a high-performing Android operating system supporting Google Play Store and other functional apps.

It lets you change configure settings, install apps, play games, test apps, and navigate the system. Based on Android 4.2.2, it can be used for almost all Android apps.

4. Genymotion

While most of the Windows emulators let the users play games and access apps, this one is highly useful for developers. The emulator is easy to use and created to aid developers to test their products.

In addition to endless testing, Genymotion lets you configure the emulator for devices with varying versions of Android to meet your requirements. It works great, particularly if your computer is a powerful one.

5. Remix OS Player

It is one of the newest emulators for Windows. With this emulator, you can play multiple games simultaneously on the latest Marshmallow version. This way, you can test your gaming skills to unparalleled levels.

It is very easy to install the Remix OS Player. Moreover, it is very easy to use. Also, it is available for free of cost and works better than other emulators. The only thing is that this emulator does not support AMD CPUs. Must read, GTA 3 APK + OBB Download.

6. Bluestack 3

It is one of the most reliable Android emulators, which is compatible with Mac and Windows. It is incorporated with numerous rich features and delivers the best performance. It is developed on best state-of-the-art and uses patented Hyper-G graphics APIs. This lets you play your favorite games at maximum resolution.

Moreover, this Windows emulator holds the ability to launch numerous instances. Hence, you can play many games simultaneously. Also, it includes settings and key-mapping for numerous games installed. Eventually, you can avail an enhanced gaming experience. Also check out, Kingoroot Review.

These are some of the best Windows emulators that are available for free and easy to install. So, download and use them to run all your favorite Android apps and games on your PC.

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