GTA 3 APK + OBB Download For Android (2019)

GTA welcomes you to the city of Liberty and where all began!!!

Take a hot cup of coffee, sit back and pack yourself to travel through gangster world of Grand Theft Auto. Since the GTA series started it continues to take the players to the criminal world over the years. Probably, not even a single person who loves the action games must heard about GTA.

This game marks its huge impact on the industry of gaming and has millions and millions of fans across the universe. We can strongly say that it doesn’t have no equal that means how many action games are released the impact of this game don’t change. Check, Best Android Root Apps.

Everyone knows that GTA has many series such as GTA Vice City, GTA San Andreas, GTA 2, GTA Online, GTA V, GTA IV and GTA 3). The Grand Theft Auto III takes you to the diverse and massive explosive world where you come across various wild characters. This game puts the ruthless and dark world under your control.

Download GTA 3 APK + OBB For Android (Latest)

Like other GTA series, the GTA 3 also comes with a lot of action packed sequences and amazing storyline. You will play the main role named Claude who is against the law. Players can use various types of vehicles to drive and fight against enemies using different types of weapons to complete the missions. Also, download ShowBox Apk.

Get unlimited coins, cash, vehicles, weapons and unlock new items with the GTA 3 Apk. Once you downloaded the game on your Android devices, it takes you to the theft world. You will chase by the police, gangsters start firing on police and you will free to move. From there your role starts, you need to complete the missions and at last have to become the powerful leader.

How to Install GTA 3 APK For Android

  • First of all, download the gta 3 from,  you need to allow the third-party apps install on your device. For that, you have to enable the unknown resources.
  • Once you completed that, download the GTA 3 Apk on your smartphone.
  • Next click on install button.
  • The installation takes a few minutes to complete.
  • After that, you can icon on your screen.
  • Click on that and sign in with your Google account.
  • After completing the obb and data files download the game will start.
  • Enjoy the action adventure game with unlimited cheats.

GTA III For Android Screenshots


Hope you guys got enough information about GTA 3 Apk download on Android. If you are action games lover and want this amazing game with unlimited cheats then get the GTA 3 Apk on your smartphone. If you have any queries, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

How to Jailbreak iPhone 7 With Tutorial

The Effective Jailbreak Method For iPhone 7

The jailbreaking of the iPhone is a tricky business. The various exploits and the schemes in these processes are new. They are vulnerable to minor bugs. If you want to play in the ground of jailbreak then you have to be ready to face all kinds of issues.

The best way to do this process easier is by downloading the Tenoshare Reiboot. With the free version of this Tenoshare app, you will be able to get out and in from the recovery mode by just clicking the button. You can also fix many iOS issues on your phone. You will also be able to upgrade to the pro version and can get access to the whole of toolbox fixes, can fix the 50+ iOS screw-ups.  You can freeze or loop automatically and don’t need to be tensed about losing all your data.

There are still other apps that will aid you to jailbreak effectively in your iPhone 7. Let’s see about some of them.

ZiPhone: The special recipe to cook jailbreak

This application will certainly do all types of the heavy lifting for you. It is a free, open sourced and a cross-platform app. It can do all the simple functions and also the actions like jailbreaking the iPhone and unlocking the phone for any carriers that are unofficial.

When you use the ZiPhone you are actually running an iPhone that needs to be jailbroken. Using the ZiPhone app is simple and not time-consuming it is unlike the other apps that promise good results but is a failure. So use this app to jailbreak the iPhone 7. But before the jailbreak process, you have to prepare the phone for the jailbreak.

Prepare your iPhone 7 for jailbreak

If you are having a fresh and up to date version you can straight away proceed to the next step. Is your phone already jailbroken before, then you have to restore the factory settings before jailbreak again.  You have to inform the iTunes to set up the restores phone as the new phone so you can avoid the process of restoring the settings from the previous phone settings.  Now you have your phone ready to jailbreak. Now let’s see how we can jailbreak your iPhone 7.

You can jailbreak your phone less than a minute

Visit the ZiPhone site to see the ‘Click here to download ‘ZiPhone’ button. Once you have downloaded the ZiPhone you are ready to begin. You will be able to see images on the left.  Click the image for a zoomed view.  Here, with the help of the ZiPhone button app, you can jailbreak your iPhone 7.

You can choose the option you can feel that suits you and applies to your iPod touch jailbreak or iPhone jailbreak. The app ZiPhone will make your device cycle into the recovery mode that will perform the jailbreaking and in forty-five seconds your iPhone will be completely jailbroken. Now you can go to the iTunes app and set up to sync device which will make it fresh out of the box.  If you go to your home screen you will be able to see two new icons the app that will provide the best iPhone apps for download. There will also be another icon called the web clip icon that will guide you to the ZiPhone page in the web. You can remove this app if you want to.

Do you need to jailbreak with the ZiPhone app if you have already jailbroken?

If you have jailbroken already there is no reason to jailbreak again with the ZiPhone app but many people who have jailbroken again with the app had their problem fixed. For instance, the Google maps GPS problem was fixed and done away with for many people. It is always a good choice to use the best firmware jailbroken or not. So use the ZiPhone app to jailbreak your iPhone 7 in less time.

The app is quick, simple and effective. If you are waiting forever to jailbreak you can do it easily with the ZiPhone app that will fulfil your wish.  It will all take just forty-five minutes to jailbreak. Therefore use the app now.

Best Root Apps For Android 2019

In earlier days rooting the device was a popular tradition. But now with the advancement of Technology and Android gadgets, the Appeal of this process becomes slow. Furthermore, applications like Pokemon go, Google Play, Netflix and several others do not work on devices that are rooted without some hacks. On the other hand, there are several users who love using the rooted device for getting their tasks completed and controlling their devices more.

In order to help such people, there are several amazing root applications available that can improve the functional ability of the device and also helps in completing the tasks that an unrooted device cannot. If you are also looking for some amazing root applications for Android then you are at the right destination. Here we have given a proper list of best route applications that you can download in your Android device for completing the tasks more easily and smoothly.

Best Root Apps For Android 2019

In the below section of this article, we have given the list of best root applications that you can download in your device to make it more controllable and functional.  You are suggested to take a look over the list and download the best option for yourself.

AdBlock Plus

AdBlock Plus is a free as well as open source application that acts as one of the best Root application for android users. This application works best for the root users and helps in completing all the tasks with minimum efforts. The configuration system of this application is also so easy and helpful. If you are interested in downloading this application then we want to inform you that this application will not be available at the Google Play Store.

But still, there is an official Link from ABP that can be used for getting this application downloaded in the Android device. We will definitely say that this is one of the most popular root apps available for Android devices.


This is the Best Root App For Android to move the applications to the SD card or memory card with rooting. If your device is having aPK, internal data, external data and several other format apps then also this application can work easily.

Furthermore, if the android device is having less internal storage then it is best to move your data to the SD card. Also, this application is also free of advertisements.

JRummy root apps

JRummy root app is one of the most popular rooted applications. If you are one of those willing to do more after installing the ROM then you must download this app in your android device. The JRummy root apps may differ in terms of cost, but most of the applications have a free version as well as a premium version.

Kernel manager

Kernel manager is also a root app available for Android devices. Users can easily install this application in their device. The best part about this application is that it supports several devices including the Google and one plus lineup devices. It is one of the best application that one can use for ROM or kernel. If you want to get more control on your device then you must consider this application once.


Another best and power application available in your device is magisk. This application is so amazing that it helps you in doing the tasks like watching Netflix web series or play Pokemon go game while rooted. There are several other functions available in this application that makes it more amazing. This application cannot be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Hence to get it in your device, you need to pick up the APK file of this application from the developers. In order to provide great features, designs, and frequencies this application gets updated automatically.



Another best and latest root app available in our list is Migrate. Through this application, you can also back up the data including the applications, data, call logs, text messages and other information. The features and functions of this application are so latest. In order to download this application, there is no need to pay any sort of subscription amount. Furthermore, there are no in-app purchases or ads available in this application.

Quick reboot

Quick reboot is one of the best-listed root applications for Android. The best part of this application is that it is so simple and static to use. If you are willing to do tasks like boot to recovery or boot to bootloader then you must consider this application once. 

This application named Quick Reboot is so quick, simple and advance to use. As per the experts, a quick reboot is one of the best applications that every Android user willing to make his or her device rooted must have. This application also helps in fixing the gaps available in the device.


Servicely helps the user in controlling the background services of the device. For Example, if your Facebook application is running in the background when the device is off then you can easily control it. Furthermore, this application also helps in improving the battery life of the device.

If you want to manage your application more and control your device completely then this application must be downloaded in your device. To download and use this application there is no need to pay any sort of premium amount. Furthermore, there are no in-app purchases available. The application also helps in preventing your device from unwanted wake-up.

Solid Explorer

It is a great file manager for your Android device. With this application, you can easily copy and paste or unzip the files from your device. The designer interface of this Solid Explorer application is also so simple and easy to use. This application comes with no advertising and bugs.

Hence this is the list of best root applications available for Android devices. Users can easily download this application in their device to get full control. Before downloading the application users must check the memory space of their devices. If the device is not having enough memory space then the application will not be downloaded properly. Keep visiting for more information!

ShowBox APK Download For Android 2019

The ShowBox app is an excellent classic interface that will help you to download and stream your favourite movies and TV shows. You will also be able to select the quality of the movies that are streamed. The developer of the ShowBox app is the ShowBox team and it belongs to the video and media category. The rating of the app is also very high.

You can download the ShowBox if you need a free app to watch movies and videos. You need to have an android phone that is 4.0 version or higher to support the ShowBox app.

How to use the latest version of the ShowBox on android

If you are one of the new users of the ShowBox and want to download it you can follow the steps below.

    Firstly you have to download the up-to-date ShowBox app from the links provided on the internet.

    Now you have to check if you have turned on the settings that will allow the ‘unknown sources’ to install in the device. Go to the phone settings then turn on to allow unknown sources.

    Now open the downloaded file ShowBox and install the app.

  After the installation process is completed successfully you can use the app.

The box with interesting gifts

ShowBox is a visual treat. This box contains gifts that you will certainly love. These are the excellent features of the ShowBox app.

    The ShowBox app is less in size so it will only take less storage. There will be no problem to have this app in the android phone with limited storage. The app is also very easy to use.

    There is a feature of the subtitle. You can watch other language movies by using the option to display the subtitle.

    You can watch movies and TV shows in the chromecast.

    The ShowBox has the option to organise the movies and the TV shows by genres, types, ratings and series. Therefore it will be convenient for you to find the content you want to watch.

    The video can be watched with the MX player or any external video player app like VLCC player or others. So you will be able to use the media player you have.

Why use the ShowBox apk?

    You will be able to see unlimited movies and TV shows. The ShowBox apk has a collection of good movies so you can stream your favourite series online. There is no limit to your enjoyment.

    It is free forever. This apk file will allow you to install the movies for free. There is no hidden fee like some of the apps that tell they are for free but you have to pay for some of the features.

    It has an integrated downloader that will give you the opportunity to download and view movies offline.

    The backend team of ShowBox gives you the experience that will automatically update the latest movies.  There will be push updates.

These are some of the benefits of the ShowBox apk. Use the app and enjoy what it has to offer.

Keep visiting for more information!