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Archive for May, 2008

Deception – What foods I cheat for

Monday, May 19th, 2008

We deceive others every day, but in doing so we know that the truth is always right there on our blood glucose meter. I always have in the back of my mind that if I take enough insulin or take a walk I’ll be keep my sugar from rising uncontrollably.

I’m a real carboholic and sometimes find that there are no good choices around that “I WANT”. It’s not that I don’t want to be good and eat the right foods. Over 90% of the time I do. The problem I have is that I eat too much of the right food, or I decide (10% of the time) to purposely eat the wrong food. I know I’m not alone. I talk to diabetics all the time and we cheat!

Two recent incidents I’ll share. We went to the movies as a family. Everyone loves the treats there. Popcorn, Candy, etc… I broke the rules and brought granola bars. Yes, I’m confessing but I would not have to if AMC sold some kind of healthy treat that I could eat. I started out snacking on my granola bars, but degraded when the kids brought popcorn back to the seats. This was not awful, I did limit myself to a few handfuls which satisfied me and did not throw my blood sugar as off track as it would have if I hadn’t eaten granola bars.

A second digression; Every Thursday we sell our granola bars at the Newhall Farmers Market. There are always temptations there. I am usually pretty good at avoiding them. This week was an exception. It actually didn’t happen there. My kids traded granola bars for baklava and lots of it! I love baklava. I saw it when we got home. I avoided it on Thursday. Friday night came and there was plenty left and so I took one. Oh, it was so good…so…I took another! An hour later my mouth was dry so I tested my sugar, 216 OUCH! But, it was so good. I usually satisfy my cravings with granola bars but sometimes it’s worth the pain. I took extra insulin, got back under control and keep this as a reminder not to overdo the treats when I do go off the sugar wagon.