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2009 comes in with anticipation and desire.  Outside of all the personal and financial stresses that we have there are many other people in our city and country that have needs and stresses that outweigh ours.  Keep in mind that at the top of your resolution list you become a better person when you resolve to do something to help someone that needs a leg up.

I am resolved to help someone that has a greater need than I have.

I am resolved to keep my blood sugar under control

I am resolved to eat healthier.  I know as I do, I will lose weight

I am resolved to exercise.  I know as I do, I will become stronger, feel better, more confident and happier.

Your resolutions may look like mine.  The question you really need to consider this January is…will you be resolved to keep your resolutions for the rest of your life?

Happy New Year.  May you and your family enjoy the health and prosperity that you deserve.

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