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Sugar is EVIL

Friday, April 17th, 2009

Of all the foods in the world that we eat none makes us happier than sugar.  It’s in almost everything that is sweet and tastes good.  Often we eat it because it’s there and once eaten it finds it way to all the happy cells in our bodies.  None is happier to be nourished by sugar than Cancer cells.  I didn’t believe it at first, but it’s true.  Cancer loves sugar and while I am NOT a Cancer expert I’ve recently become associated with the Center for Advancement in Cancer Education (CACE).

The recent quarterly that CACE puts out discusses a fermented wheat germ extract called Avemar.  The premise behind Avemar is that it chokes off the energy supply of cancer cells which reduces their ability to proliferate and eventually causes cancer cell death.  I was not aware that cancer cells utilize glucose (sugar) at a rate of 10-50 times higher than normal cells, however based on this information it’s easy to conclude that sugar is BAD for people who have Cancer as well as those of us with Diabetes.

This week I’d like to dedicate a moment to a close friend of my wife’s that was just diagnosed with stage 4 Breast Cancer.  It’s a tough topic and much more shocking when diagnosis is not done until this stage.  On a more positive note, I’ve recently met someone that was diagnosed as stage 4, three years ago and today is in complete remission.